Founded in 1912, The Cleveland Music School Settlement (dba The Music Settlement) provides music and arts programming to students of all ages and backgrounds in a way that promotes creativity, self-confidence and artistic expression.

The Chief of Staff’s general role is to:

  • Ensure the CEO is working on the highest priority tasks
  • Work on high-level and special organizational projects, from development through successful execution, under the guidance of senior leadership and department heads
  • Assist the CEO with accountability for job-related commitments
  • Support the strategic-planning process and to help coordinate the execution of, and internally monitor, strategic initiatives
  • Review, design, and execute improvements to organizational structure
  • Improve current processes and optimize organizational procedures for efficiency and productivity
  • Help execute the CEO’s communications to all constituents
  • Create accessibility and availability in the CEO’s schedule
  • Serve as liaison between the CEO and the Board, as well as the CEO and staff and faculty
  • Provide administrative support of, and scheduling for, the office of the CEO, including the work required to carry out Board governance

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