Over 30 years ago, the Homeless Stand Down started as an event to help veterans. While its impact has since expanded to anyone experiencing homelessness, veterans are still a core group of those in attendance. To honor this, BVU provides resources and items specifically for former service members.

This proved to be a fitting volunteer opportunity for David Suh, a biomedical engineer working to support disabled veterans. Learn more about his story below!

What motivated you to volunteer at today’s event?

Helping to distribute shoes to veterans may have been a relatively small job in the grand scheme of the event, but it was perfect for me. I’m in the process of starting in a new biotechnology-related role at the VA Medical Center. Volunteering was a great opportunity to connect with the population I will be serving in my new position, while having a direct impact on those who are struggling.

Can you share how BVU has impacted your volunteer journey?

This is my first time volunteering with BVU! Today’s event and the training leading up to it have been positive, organized, and enlightening. I appreciate that BVU focuses on the root causes of issues to help volunteers understand their impact on a deeper level. I’m looking forward to finding more opportunities to support the local community. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved in the community but doesn’t know where to start?

Start small with causes/interest areas that you have a connection with. Then once you get comfortable, think about how to expand your involvement. I know that orgs like BVU have a great network of volunteer opportunities and would be happy to help you figure out where to begin. 

Good luck in your new role, David!

This post is part of BVU’s series of 2024 Homeless Stand Down volunteer spotlights for National Volunteer Week.