Learn and Volunteer with BVU

BVU Action Days are member-exclusive volunteer projects designed to support local causes while helping participants build meaningful connections with their community and coworkers.

Community Connections Webinars are virtual lunch-hour sessions hosted before each Action Day where participants learn about local issues from nonprofit leaders working to make change. 

Why Attend?

Build Understanding

Feel a greater sense of purpose and place by elevating your understanding of critical community issues through expert-led discussions.

Make a Real Impact

Move beyond awareness and actively contribute to positive change by engaging in hands-on volunteer projects that directly address critical concerns in our community.

Forge Connections

Connect with like-minded individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in the BVU community to build lasting relationships, enhance your professional growth, and contribute to collective change.

2024 Sessions


March 7 – Webinar

April 20 – Action Day
@ Homeless Stand Down

Food Insecurity

May 2 – Webinar

June 27 – Action Day
@ FoodStrong


July 18 – Webinar [VIEW]

August 14 – Action Day
@ May Dugan Center

Loneliness Epidemic

November 14 – Webinar

December 10 – Action Day
@ Nonprofit TBD

BVU Members: Please email volunteerconnect@bvuvolunteers.org to access the Action Day registration page!