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Connecting community and corporate volunteers with opportunities to serve.

We connect passionate people with opportunities to serve.

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5,000+ Team Volunteer Projects and Counting

Whether you have 5 or 500+ employees, our volunteer connect can help link you to community needs of all types: from serving a meal at a hunger center to park clean-ups or student mentoring.

“BVU makes it easy for small nonprofits, like RePlay for Kids, to reach volunteers. The service they provide of coordinating team events and connecting us to local business is invaluable. Their services allow our small staff to focus on our mission of increasing the availability of adapted toys to kids in need.”

Natalie Wardega

Director of Operations, RePlay for Kids

Browse Opportunities on BVU’s Volunteer Center

BVU’s Volunteer Center is your one-stop destination to make a difference through hundreds of nonprofit volunteer opportunities. Our free volunteer match service allows you to find volunteer opportunities that address the issues that are close to your heart—arts and culture, animals, the environment, hunger, education, literacy, homelessness and many, many more.

Team projects help engage employees, boost morale, and increase overall collaboration. Here’s how it works.  

Step 1: Request

Businesses contact BVU with their team project needs.

Nonprofits contact BVU with their need for a group of volunteers.

Step 2: Response

For Businesses: BVU will ask a set of questions to help us find the perfect project for your team.

For Nonprofits: BVU will meet with you to scope the volunteer project.

Step 3: Referral

For Businesses: BVU will provide a list of opportunities that match your criteria.  Businesses will select their top 2 or 3 choices and BVU will get to work setting up a great volunteer project for your team.

For Nonprofits: BVU will recommend your project to groups of volunteers.

Step 4: Get to Work!

For Businesses: Arrive at your volunteer project on the selected day/time and have fun getting to know your coworkers better while making a difference in the community.

For Nonprofits: BVU will confirm the project details and guide you on best practices for a successful volunteer event.

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