Minority Pipeline Initiative

Connecting people of color with nonprofit boards.

About BVU’s Minority Pipeline Initiative

On average, racial minorities do not represent more than 18% of nonprofit board membership throughout the country. However, There have been numerous studies that show a range of perspectives enhances creative thinking, innovation, and problem-solving, resulting in better decisions.

BVU identifies professionals of color that may have an interest in serving on a nonprofit boards. These professionals are provided training on the role of a nonprofit board member, and then proceed through BVU’s board matching process to be elected to a nonprofit board. 

To get started, please email Darnell Davis, Director, Leadership & Strategic Initiatives, at ddavis@bvuvolunteers.org.

For information about sponsoring the 2023 Minority Pipeline Initiative, please contact Andrea Wlaszyn at awlaszyn@bvuvolunteers.org.

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