Minority Pipeline Initiative

Connecting people of color to nonprofit boards.

What is BVU’s Minority Pipeline Initiative?

BVU’s Board Matching program, Board CONNECT, is nationally recognized program that helps professionals find the right nonprofit board member positions where they can make an impact. Through our Minority Pipeline Initiative, BVU offers our nonprofit board matching and training services for FREE to professionals of color who have an interest in serving on a nonprofit board. Thanks in part to the MPI, 27% of last year’s BVU Board CONNECT matches were people of color.

The Issue

On average, racial minorities do not represent more than 18% of nonprofit board membership throughout the country. However, There have been numerous studies that show a range of perspectives enhances creative thinking, innovation, and problem-solving, resulting in better decisions.

To get started, please email Darnell Davis Jr, Director, Leadership & Strategic Initiatives, at ddavis@bvuvolunteers.org.

Our Solution

BVU identifies professionals of color that may have an interest in serving on a nonprofit boards. These professionals are provided training on the role of a nonprofit board member, and then proceed through BVU’s board matching process to be elected to a nonprofit board.

Our Goal

To strengthen nonprofit boards by connecting them with diverse community members who can share their experience and expertise to increase impact while creating leadership and networking opportunities for people of color.


Your support provides equity and access for racial minorities to be a part of the decision-making that affects their communities.

For information about sponsoring the Minority Pipeline Initiative, please contact us.

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