Community Connections is a series of virtual webinars designed to educate you and your business on critical community issues while inspiring you to give back to the community through volunteerism.

These BVU member-exclusive opportunities are designed to:


  • Promote awareness of critical community issues
  • Inspire action toward positive change
  • Foster meaningful connections

Learn and Volunteer with BVU


Tune in from the comfort of your home or office as we delve into crucial community issues in virtual lunch hour sessions. During each webinar, nonprofit leaders will shed light on a specific topic, issue, or cause affecting our community.


After each Community Connections webinar, BVU will provide you with ways to get involved. Participate in BVU Action Days designed exclusively for BVU members, or explore curated volunteer options for individuals and teams.  

Why Attend?

Build Understanding

Feel a greater sense of purpose and place by elevating your understanding of critical community issues through expert-led discussions.

Make a Real Impact

Move beyond awareness and actively contribute to positive change by engaging in hands-on volunteer projects that directly address critical concerns in our community.

Forge Connections

Connect with like-minded individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in the BVU community to build lasting relationships, enhance your professional growth, and contribute to collective change.

2024 Sessions


March 7 – Webinar

April 20 – Action Day
@ Homeless Stand Down

Food Insecurity

May 2 – Webinar

June 27 – Action Day
@ FoodStrong


July 18 – Webinar

August 14 – Action Day
@ Nonprofit TBD

Loneliness Epidemic

November 14 – Webinar

December 10 – Action Day
@ Nonprofit TBD