BVU’s Commitment to IDEA:

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

In order to achieve our vision of a vibrant and inclusive community​ through business volunteerism, Business Volunteers Unlimited​ (BVU) will be a more informed and inclusive voice in Northeast​ Ohio with Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) as​ core values. BVU will commit to transparency and innovation in our​ decision-making and embrace feedback. Collectively, we will lead in​ a transformative way by welcoming and attracting diverse people,​ ideas, and partnerships for an equitable future. We will strive to​ embed IDEA into our culture, our strategic plan, and our work with​ businesses, nonprofits, volunteers, and the community.

Minority Pipeline Initiative
Connecting people of color with nonprofit boards

The “Why”

Numerous studies show that having diverse perspectives enhances creative thinking, innovation, and problem-solving, resulting in better decisions. Despite this, on average, people of color hold only 18% of nonprofit board seats throughout the country. Filling this gap is crucial to BVU’s mission.

The “How”

Through our Minority Pipeline Initiative, BVU is able to offer our nonprofit board matching and training services for FREE to professionals of color. Thanks in part to the MPI, 27% of BVU’s total Board CONNECT elects in 2023 were professionals of color.

Upcoming Sessions

Our Team

BVU has established two internal IDEA groups—a Task Force on our staff and Committee on our board. Each plays a pivotal role in driving DEI goals and fostering a culture of inclusivity at BVU. Some of our goals for 2024 are to the right.

Recognizing the importance of external expertise, we have also engaged Gradient to guide and enhance our efforts. This partnership ensures a comprehensive and well-informed approach to our initiatives.

Let’s Talk

Have thoughts on how our programs or services can better reflect our commitment to IDEA? Please let us know!