April 22, 2023

Cleveland Public Auditorium

A one-day event providing people experiencing homelessness with necessary
resources, respite from the elements, and reconnection to the community.

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I once was homeless myself. I said, “When I get out of this, I’m going to give back to others.” 

Dorothy Carmack

HSD Volunteer

The Stand Down isn’t the solution to homelessness, but it connects people to resources that might end their homelessness. For a lot of people this is the beginning of the journey.

Rob Zaremsky

Director, Business and Community Engagement, BVU

These are people who saw a need and genuinely wanted to meet it people who really felt empathy for my situation. You don’t feel that all the time.


HSD Guest, 2022

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For questions about the event itself, reach out to Rob at rzaremsky@bvuvolunteers.org.

For questions about media and promotion, reach out to Sara at slom@bvuvolunteers.org or Macin at msheeder@bvuvolunteers.org