BVU is pleased to announce the following opportunities:

Financial Strategy and Systems Fellow – NAMI Greater Cleveland

Term: 500 hours during 2024
Location: 2012 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113 (Hybrid)
Stipend: $10,000

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Greater Cleveland is looking for a Fellow that is passionate about combining financial acumen with technological savvy to enhance key financial processes such as budgeting and audits, and spearheading the adoption of technology solutions in finance operations. Learn more about NAMI here.

Training and Development Fellow – Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

Term: 500 hours during 2024
Location: 4515 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103 (Hybrid)
Stipend: $10,000

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM) is seeking a Fellow to help with designing, implementing, and
evaluating comprehensive training and professional development programs to enhance the skills, knowledge,
and competencies of staff across multiple agencies. Learn more about LMM here.

Business Development Fellow – Reflection Point

Term: 500 hours during 2024
Location: Remote
Stipend: $10,000

Reflection Point, an organization that supports teams, organizations, and communities in collaborating more effectively and innovatively, is looking for a Fellow to develop a compelling and sustainable business development strategy to expand its reach and scale for impact. Learn more about Reflection Point here.

Corporate & Young Professionals Community Outreach Fellow – Cleveland Eye Bank Foundation

Term: 500 hours during 2024
Location: 18720 Chagrin Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44122 (Hybrid or Remote)
Stipend: $10,000

Cleveland Eye Bank Foundation (CEBF) is seeking a Fellow with experience in building community relationships to
increase its constituent pool, focusing on key corporate individuals and young professional partnerships, to enhance CEBF’s outreach efforts, generate income support, and cultivate its next generation of donors. Learn more about CEBF here.


Find out more about BVU Fellows here. 

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