BVU Presentation

As Ohio’s economy begins the gradual and careful process of restarting, returning to a physical workplace will be anything but business as usual. As eager as organizations are to reopen, working in person again will bring even greater challenges than working remotely.

Join ERC President Kelly Keefe as she discusses the critical conversations leaders and management teams must have before going back to work in a post-quarantine era.

How will your organization:

Provide a safe workplace?
Manage employee fear and stress?
Contend with the sense of loss?
Instill a feeling of confidence?
Keep its leaders and employees motivated?
COVID-19 is expected to loom globally for 12 to 18 more months while a vaccine is developed. During that time, multiple outbreak peaks and additional shelter-at-home orders are a possibility in every state. Because Ohio’s K-12 students will finish the academic year remotely, as well as summer camps being cancelled, families with two working parents and their open employers will face a unique balancing act.

Couple these considerations with the mounting pressure companies feel to recover lost revenue and keep morale up, while salaries may be down, and work hours are perhaps excessive for some but reduced for others. These realities won’t change as soon as business doors are open again. In fact, they’ll be harder to face eye-to-eye.