A Cleveland based social service organization is seeking an individual to help ensure the coordination of activities by multiple strategic alliance subcommittees in reviewing policies and procedures that are currently utilized by four separate nonprofit organizations and integrating them into one cohesive operational plan.

The Fellow will be working with the leadership team to help prepare and develop the Integration Project Manager role.

Responsibilities include

  • Coordinating the tasks necessary to prepare for a merger.
  • Helping to develop an integration plan with tasks, timelines, budget, and responsible parties.
  • Prioritizing tasks and overseeing the implementation of the integration plan after the merger occurs.
  • Identifying and managing key risks and developing plans to mitigate problems.
  • Assisting in blending cultures and resolving cross-team issues.
  • Helping people move forward effectively and efficiently towards the new shared goals.
  • Tracking progress and reporting results and challenges to the Executive Director.

Term: 800 hours over an 8-month period

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Stipend: $16,000

The ideal candidate will have significant professional 5-10 years’ experience in project management.

To be considered for this opportunity, please contact Sarah Castle (scastle@bvuvolunteers.org) for application materials.

The BVU Fellows Program matches the talents of highly skilled professionals with local nonprofits to engage a transformative project that benefits the community. For more information, visit our webpage