By Heather Englander

  1. There are still many safe ways to volunteer during COVID-19.
  2. Volunteers from every industry enjoy the comradery of group projects.
  3. Volunteers can still have a shared experience even while maintaining proper social distancing.

The purpose of Business Volunteers Unlimited (BVU) has always been to connect businesses to nonprofits that need their help. Although COVID-19 drastically changed the volunteer landscape, the need for help did not stop, it just changed. By thoughtfully working with our nonprofit partners, we continued to connect professionals with direct service opportunities in a safe and impactful way.

For 14 years, BVU’s Summer of Service program has given BVU business members the unique opportunity to come together as volunteers. Through smaller, socially-distanced projects, we achieved that goal. Volunteers came from a variety of business backgrounds including manufacturing, IT, finance, marketing, and law. Projects were set up in a way that prioritized safety and social distancing while allowing the opportunity to talk and network.

With three dates offered this summer and numerous small group project choices, BVU business members participated in opportunities that matched their interests. From beach cleanups to book sorting, Summer of Service demonstrated the incredible impact that business volunteerism still has , even when done in small, spread out groups. Our business partners enjoyed seeing co-workers again knowing that it would be in a safe manner while helping the community.

“Doing service with MIM has been a great opportunity to engage with the community and work with colleagues that you don’t normally get to. It is great to see what you can accomplish in one day.”


Kelly Carter, MIM Software

If your business is ready to set up a project, BVU has a variety of Team Volunteer opportunities. While the structure (and spacing) may be a little different, the ability to have a shared experience and make collective impact remains the same.

We know that not everyone is ready to get back out and share space with co-workers (even if it is 6 feet away). That’s why BVU’s model of engaging ALL types of business volunteers (board, skills-based, and direct service) makes us the go-to resource for engaging your employees during this time of uncertainty. Nonprofits need your help and we can provide recommendations for all types of volunteer opportunities. So whether you want to lend your professional skills or physical ability, contact BVU to see how we can connect you today.


Businesses that volunteered:




Marcus Thomas



Meyers, Roman, Friedberg, and Lewis

Wells Fargo