“This has completely removed all traditional means of delivering our mission in our community.”

Sixty-five nonprofit organizations, large and small, all mission areas, responded to BVU’s survey to gauge how nonprofits are doing during COVID.  Compelling comments and take-aways include:

  • 85% agree that COVID has impacted on their ability to deliver mission; “In a traditional sense. It forced us to rethink our delivery model.” and “Our mission depends on face-to-face encounters.”
  • Nearly 80% see an impact on both earned and contributed revenue
  • 77% have planned financial scenarios – “working more from a cash management position versus original budget;” “we have planned through two of the three expected waves of the pandemic.  100% revenue losses through June 1; 100% revenue loss 8/31; 100% revenue loss through 12/31.”
  • 65% are trying to predict the impact on their budgets – six organizations commented that they predict at least 50% less revenue in 2020.
  • 25% have furloughed or terminated employees –others commented “not yet.”
  • 73% have stopped providing at least some program – responses range from “our site is completely closed” to “we deliver virtually vs in person” to one response “we are fully operational and hiring.”  Another response – “even though we won’t get paid from most of our clients we are still offering our services and many are using them.”
  • Nearly 70% have cancelled fundraising events and several commented about postponing events.
  • 84% applied for the SBA PPP loan
  • 71% agree that their board is helping to address the crisis (BVU feels that this should be 100%!)  – a few set up COVID-19 Task Forces, a few others are meeting weekly. One commented “meeting weekly to update and beginning a Relaunch Task Force of volunteers to discuss the “new normal.” One commented “The vice chairs are pitching in by calling donors to thank them; other board members are writing thank you notes to donors.”
  • 76% predict that the organization will not look the same in one year – “we will be doing differently with less” and “our services will be radically expanded to include remote practice.”


Take the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RegionalNPOSurvey