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RSM understands that these are uncertain times for everyone as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt daily life. To that end, we have produced a weekly webcast series on business issues related to the pandemic. RSM’s goal is to share insights that enable business leaders to prepare for the future and determine how to mitigate risk. We are all in this together, and we want to help however we can.

Our next webcast on May 13 will focus on how business leaders can streamline operations and reduce costs as companies determine strategies for returning to work. On this webcast, RSM professionals will discuss:

  • Outsourcing considerations and how to evaluate the need for supplemental resources to augment core back-office functions
  • The role of internal audit in assessing risks in the new work environment
  • Loan staffing and tax function co-sourcing
  • IT outsourcing as a way to stabilize costs, streamline operations and reduce the impact of future disruptions
  • How to support IT projects that can enhance productivity for a remote workforce
  • Scenarios in which clients have found strategic outsourcing and co-sourcing to be helpful during the pandemic

RSM insights on returning to work in a streamlined way.