Nonprofit Leadership Summit

October 29, 2019  |  Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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BVU's Nonprofit Leadership Summit will be packed with useful and practical knowledge focused on nonprofit management and governance topics led by seasoned experts in their field.  The Summit will provide nonprofit professionals, like yourself, with the opportunity to network and learn from leaders in the technology, human resource, governance, finance, and communications fields.









Registration is $119 for BVU members and $149 for nonmembers.

Register two or more individuals from your organization and receive a 15% discount.


Summer of Service with Deloitte.

What the $#*@*@*^ is Authentic Leadership and How Do I Get It?

Authentic Leadership is a "hot" topic in business and leadership development articles, posts and books. Come learn the critical ingredients of authentic leadership and why now, more than ever, being an authentic leaders is what helps you connect, motivate, inspire, and lead the people to achieve their best for themselves and the organization. You will begin to explore your own authentic leadership style and walk away with an understanding of what makes you an Authentic Leader!

Jennifer Cohen, SVP Leadership Development, Ratliff & Taylor


Create a Culture of Cybersecurity Awareness in your Nonprofit

Your employees pose the greatest threat to your nonprofit’s security, but how can you change that? Learn industry tips and tricks to create a culture of security awareness within your organization and how to turn your employees into your greatest line of defense against cyber breaches.

Ken Vanden Haute, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Meritech (pictured right)
Thomas Bielinski, Sr. Solution Architect Manager, Meritech

Summer of Service with Deloitte.

18 Years, 18 Lessons Learned

Leading a nonprofit is a labor of love with many lessons to be learned. Hear the top 18 lessons learned about operating and growing a successful mission-driven business from an 18-year veteran nonprofit executive who has transformed her organization from a grassroots local service to a nationally award-winning model. This fast-paced count down will cover topics ranging from collaboration, culture, and compliance to budget, board, and brand. And of course, fundraising and friend-raising!

Natalie Leek-Nelson, CEO and President, Providence House

Think Pro Bono

The Art of Storytelling: Getting Your Audience to Listen, Care and Act

We all have stories to tell. Gain insights and ideas on how to mine for compelling stories within your organization and how to identify, craft and share those stories to get the audiences that matter to your organization to listen, care and act.

Todd Morgano, SVP, Public Relations, Falls Communications

Doctor's In

Onboarding an Effective Board

The MetroHealth Foundation Board consists of over forty members, the majority of whom are highly engaged in their roles as stewards, ambassadors and fundraisers for the organization.  The President and Board Chair of MetroHealth Foundation will share their strategic and proactive efforts to build an engaged and effective board.

Kate Brown, President, The MetroHealth Foundation
Brian O’Neill, Partner, Tucker Ellis (Board Chair, The Metrohealth Foundation)
Moderated by Elizabeth Voudouris, EVP, BVU


7:45 am Doors Open – Registration
Join us for continental breakfast, networking and visit with exhibitors.

8:30 am Morning Keynotes

10:00 am Break

10:15 am Skill Builder Session 1
Skill Builder sessions will be 60-minute breakouts where you are able to choose from six nonprofit management and governance topics.

11:20 am Skill Builder Session 2
Skill Builder sessions will be 60-minute breakouts where you are able to choose from six nonprofit management and governance topics.

12:30 pm Lunch and Keynote

1:40 pm Hot Topics Session 1
Hot Topic sessions will be 25-minute breakouts where you are be able to choose from a variety of topics.

2:10 pm Hot Topics Session 2
Hot Topic sessions will be 25-minute breakouts where you are be able to choose from a variety of topics.

2:45 pm Skill Builder Session 3
Skill Builder sessions will be 60-minute breakouts where you are be able to choose from six nonprofit management and governance topic sessions.

3:45  pm Break

4:00 pm Afternoon Keynotes

5:00 pm Adjourn



We will have over 25 breakout sessions for you to choose from on technology, human resource, governance, finance, and communications.

Breakout sessions will be categorized as Skill Builder sessions which will be 60-minutes and Hot Topics which will be 25-minutes.  Attendees will have an opportunity to attend three 60-minute and two 25-minute sessions.  All 60-minute sessions will be available to attendees post summit.

Please check out some of the topics below, and we will have more coming!


Turn Data Points into Useful Information with Dashboards
In this interactive session, we will explore the basics of using data analysis tools to produce useful information for your organization and/or constituents. We will lay the groundwork with tips on data tracking systems and capturing data points that are meaningful (garbage in - garbage out). Linda will provide examples of interactive reports and provide explanation of the technology behind the scenes. We will produce simple data visualizations using PowerBI and discuss how this tool could work for participants.
Linda Widdop, Director of Client Solutions, Tech Impact

Empowering the Employee Developer
Today’s digital culture creates significant challenges for leadership to implement solutions quickly in their existing IT landscape.  IT experts are in high demand and overwhelmed with projects.  IT expertise and budgetary constraints can create roadblocks to implementing new solutions. Learn how to empower your existing staff to help you get to the next stage of automation now, without falling behind.
Brent Brandmayr, Sales Manager, JobRouter

Becoming a Digital Nonprofit
We are in the midst of a technological revolution now. This is an era where cloud computing has overtaken desktop computing, vast quantities of data can be analyzed for new insights, marketing has gone digitally native, organizations have greater control over security and compliance, and advances such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are within reach. Taking advantage of this revolution, or keeping up with it, is a huge challenge for nonprofits for many reasons. In this session, we will have an interactive discussion about the unique challenges nonprofits face with digital transformation, what it takes to overcome them, and why it is important for nonprofits to adapt.
Gabriel Brown, Director, Digital Product Management, TechSoup

Future Nonprofit Technology is Already Here: How Blockchain and AI Are Creating Impact Right Now
You’ve heard all the buzz about blockchain technology and artificial intelligence recently. Both of these technologies are shifting the way impact is created, tracked, and measured for nonprofits and social enterprises alike. Learn creative ways nonprofits and NGOs are using blockchain and AI today locally and globally, and trends to follow.  What questions need to be asked to understand when and if your nonprofit should take action and how these technologies can (or already do) play a role in creating and tracking impact.
Amy Neuman, Founder, Free Tech for Nonprofits


Bridging the Talent Gap
A critical issue for business leaders is determining if GenX and Millennials are ready to succeed their elders, and ensuring that critical “tribal knowledge” is passed along as key team members approach retirement. Without smooth succession and knowledge transitions, customer and vendor relationships may be impacted, and internal workplace productivity could come to a screeching halt.  Learn tips to stay ahead of the curve and prepare your organization for talent challenges.
Patti Wagner, SPHR, Managing Director, Human Resource Advisory Services, Sikich

The ROI of HR: Using Analytics to Show Financial Impact
More now than ever, the ability for nonprofits to effectively recruit and retain high performers is critical. We've designed this course to help you build a business case for HR projects and to help people succeed and thrive at work. Outcomes of this session include basic financial acumen review, specific HR metrics that tie the employee lifecycle into the revenue of your organization, and how nonprofit professionals can build a business case for investments in recruiting and onboarding, performance management, retention and turnover, and salary and benefits.
Tom Ault, Trainer, ERC

Why It Doesn’t Pay to Overpay
Now more than ever, the compensation of executives at tax-exempt organizations is subject to great scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service and the general public.  This scrutiny, coupled with the growing complexity of compensation arrangements, puts tax-exempt organizations at risk of missteps.  This session will focus on the reasonable compensation rules applicable to tax-exempt organizations and the new executive excess pay rules.  The impact of deferred compensation arrangements will also be discussed, along with practical tips and pointers.
Jessica Angney, Partner, Benesch

Transforming Nonprofit Practice by Creating a Culture of Learning
This session will highlight how an organization, regardless of size and evaluation expertise, can effectively use data, knowledge, and insights to become a strategic learning organization. All nonprofit organizations can effectively create a learning culture to enhance the impact of their work internally with staff and externally with constituents. Cleveland Leadership Center has successfully embedded reflection, feedback, and knowledge-sharing into practice across the organization. This transition has deepened stakeholder relationships and transformed organizational culture, elevating its impact across the community and to a national audience.
Marianne Crosley, President and CEO, Cleveland Leadership Center
Rachel Ciomcia, Executive Vice President, Cleveland Leadership Center


Untapped Potential: Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Minorities on your Nonprofit Board
Why is diversity important in the nonprofit boardroom? Why do so many nonprofit boards struggle to retain and engage diverse board members?  We will discuss strategies to building, maintain and engaging a diverse board.
Randell McShepard, Vice President of Public Affairs, RPM and Chair and Co-Founder, Policy Bridge
Greg Brown, Executive Director, Policy Bridge

Overcoming the Challenges of Board and Committee Collaboration
The work of nonprofits is done via inter-organizational teams: committees, boards, task forces, affinity groups, etc. Effective management of these teams can be challenging, resulting from a mismatch between the ways these teams work (informal hierarchy, infrequent face-to-face meetings, irregular exchange of information) and the technology tools that they use to support the work. This session will address the challenges of coordinating and communicating with these inter-organizational, volunteer-heavy teams and share how modern collaboration technology can be implemented to turn down the noise and grow engagement among all participants.
Andrew Vaeth, CEO and Co-Founder, Cureo

Succession Planning: Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for Leadership Transitions?
This session will explore how effective succession planning for your key staff leadership roles can help ensure the focus remains on your mission, while you pivot internally to respond to planned and unplanned changes in your team. Participants will learn about fundamental components of succession planning, including assessing readiness, identifying leadership attributes and creating development plans.  Be sure to join us for this look into a best practice for nonprofits at all stages of development!
Julie Clark, Managing Director, Leadership Development, BVU


The Art of Storytelling: Getting Your Audience to Listen, Care and Act
In this session, we’ll share insights and ideas on how to mine for compelling stories within your organization. We’ll review how to get the most from your subject matter experts and tap into relevant trends and issues that your organization can speak to. Once those have been determined, we’ll help you customize these stories for your specific audiences and offer tips to repurpose those stories across multiple channels for maximum effect.
Todd Morgano, Senior Vice President, Falls Communications

Changing Course in the Middle of the Rapids - How to Pivot your Fundraising Without Losing Sight of Your Goals, Causes and Donors
When long-established methods of fundraising are not as effective or become obsolete, what is the best way to change course?  United Way of Greater Cleveland and Lake View Cemetery will share their experiences and lessons learned.  Join us as we look at how to evaluate, adapt and change methods, while still supporting your mission.
Ron Cass, Founder/CEO, Big River

How to Raise and Make Money! Making Money the Easy Way/NOT! Fundraising is a Contact Sport!
Fundraising events help raise awareness, build your brand are a great way to connect with major donors. In this session, we will discuss all the benefits of having events as part of your fundraising strategy, ultimately making you money.
Michael Benz, Executive Advisor at Ciuni & Panichi, Inc.


Nonprofit Combinations
In this session we will discuss various types of nonprofit combinations and the accounting under the FASB Codification as well as unforeseen hurdles. The session will include accounting examples and experiences with nonprofit combinations.
Brandon Miller, CPA, CGMA, Principal, HW&Co.
Brian Broadbent, President & CEO, BVU

Stop Fraud In Its Tracks
It’s no secret: The number and complexity of fraud schemes perpetrated against business checking accounts is pervasive. Do you have measures in place to help combat this type of attack?
Peggy Hart, CTP, Vice President, Treasury Management Market Advisor, PNC 

Form 990 Tips and Tricks
Form 990 compliance continues to be challenging. This session will address common errors and give tips to make your organization's Form 990 a powerful public relations tool. We will explore compensation disclosures, governance questions, and potential taxable income including qualified transportation benefits.
Christopher B. Anderson, Shareholder, Maloney + Novotny


Maximizing Your Volunteer Capital
Most nonprofits utilize volunteers, but have you really sat down and considered if you are fully tapping into this resource? This presentation will help you evaluate how you can engage volunteers to increase your advocacy and objectives.
Heather Englander, Director, Community Engagement, BVU

The Power of Pro Bono: How Nonprofits Can Accomplish More with Skills-based Consultants
In this session, local nonprofit leaders will share their experience and advice using skills-based consultants to tackle management and operational challenges within their organizations.  Whether it’s to help get you started on your project, answer questions related to an ongoing project, or a more substantial engagement, there’s a wealth of talent in Northeast Ohio to help. Learn how to identify, engage and connect with the expertise you need.
Julie Clark, Senior Director, Leadership Development, BVU
Kimberly Simpson-Kee, Director, Outreach and Nonprofit Engagement, BVU










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