Issues Nonprofit Organizations Face While Growing
Each month, accountants and advisors from Marcum share insights on topics related to the nonprofit and social sector. This August, learn more about…
Talent Management Considerations for Nonprofits
In a variety of nonprofit surveys conducted earlier this year, nonprofit leadership identified talent acquisition, performance management, and talent-focused technology as their top three priorities for 2023. READ MORE.
Signs Your Nonprofit Needs to Update its ERP System and How to Find the Right Advisor for An Assessment
In today’s fast-paced world of technology, nonprofit organizations are increasingly embracing ERP systems to streamline their operations, effectively manage resources, increase transparency, and ultimately improve efficiency. READ MORE.
Issues Nonprofit Organizations Face While Growing
When an organization plans to grow through grant applications or an increase in fundraising, it should first consider how much money it will need. Next, they should look at the reporting requirements for the state, federal, grantors, and donors. READ MORE.
The Path to Compliance Part Four: The Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)
The SEFA is used to determine the amounts expended for each of an organization’s federal programs. As a result, the SEFA is the guide that indicates whether the threshold requiring a federal single audit has been met. READ MORE.
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