Well-meaning nonprofit grant seekers—and the foundations that fund them—too often speak a common language in grant proposals. Labels like “underserved” and “underrepresented” can be a shorthand that disempowers the very people and groups that our institutions aim to engage and uplift.

In a widely-circulated recent Op-Ed, nonprofit fundraiser Carlton Ford posed a question: “Whom do we serve by labeling an entire community as ‘under’ anything?”

The expert team at Grants Plus has been grappling with this question in our own grant writing, in order to forge new language alternatives. We invite you to a discussion of language at the intersection of race, gender, and power. Register here to be part of the conversation. We are pleased that Mr. Ford himself will join in the discussion!

It’s time we examine and challenge the tendency in grant writing to rely on ubiquitous phrases and careless jargon that fails to honor the complexity and diversity of people. Register for the FREE webinar discussion on September 30 by clicking below.​​​​

Webinar: Check your labels: Race, gender, and power in grant writing
Date: Wednesday, September 30
Time: 12 PM ET/9 AM PT
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