Train. Get Paid. Grow.

Calling all organizations: There is a Cuyahoga County sponsored program ready to support your business or nonprofit professional development and training initiatives.

SkillUp’s primary service is simple: We help businesses grow. Here’s how: We help employers upskill their workers and then offer generous financial incentives to do it.

Training Plan Development – Our team of workforce and training development professionals will help you build your unique Training Plan to upskill your current or new employees. Our goal is to give you the tools and expertise to grow your employee skill sets that, in turn, allows your business to be more productive and profitable.
Example: A manufacturing company wants to transition from manual process to an automated software-controlled process. SkillUp creates a Training Plan for their Engineers to learn the new software to program the new machines and a Training Plan for their Operators to utilize the new machines. This new system improves efficiencies significantly thus helping the business to grow. Then, SkillUp 2.0 will offer generous financial incentives to help offset the cost of training. See below.

Connection to Resources – SkillUp has a network of business resources and can connect you with organizations to solve other business or nonprofit needs as well. Many of these organization provide technical assistance and other services free of charge!

SkillUp 2.0’s payment structure for training is simple: the more you and your employees accomplish, the more you get!
❖ 50% of Training Costs Reimbursed GUARANTEED!
When your employees attend the course, we will meet you halfway.
❖ EARN MORE! – Training Plan Completion Bonus
Your employees finished the Training Plan. Excellent! With their newly gained knowledge and skill, they are a greater asset to you. For that reason, with a wage increase at the completion of the training, SkillUp 2.0 will give your company
$500 for every $1 per hour wage increase.
❖ EVEN MORE – Credential Attainment Bonus
If you give your employee a $250 bonus for attaining their credential, we will reimburse that and give you $250 too.
There are no application, program or any fees to work with SkillUp 2.0!

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CONTACT: or or 216.443.5261