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Learn strategies and tactics for effective financial and organizational stewardship.


Practical advice for planning through crisis.

Moments of crisis call on leaders to be adaptive, resilient, and proactive in planning for different potential scenarios.

In this webinar, Bridgespan will share strategies and tactics intended to help nonprofit leaders be effective financial and organizational stewards during this moment of unprecedented uncertainty.

We’ll discuss the importance of having a clear understanding of your organization’s financial position and key risks, as well as the importance of setting guiding principles for making difficult choices.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will explore the following questions:

◾ What best practices in financial management are important for nonprofit leaders to employ in this time of crisis?
◾ How should nonprofit leaders develop and execute against different med-long term budget scenarios?
◾ How can we proactively and transparently communicate to our stakeholders during times of crisis?