December 16, 2019




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Business Volunteers Unlimited Begins Executive Transition


Broadbent Announces 2021 Retirement, Voudouris Promoted to President


Cleveland, OH – Business Volunteers Unlimited (BVU) announced today that it will begin its executive transition as President and CEO Brian Broadbent announced his plans to retire in the spring of 2021. Broadbent, who has been leading the organization since 2005, will remain CEO until retirement. Elizabeth (Biz) Voudouris, who is currently the Executive Vice President, has been promoted to President and will transition to President and CEO upon Broadbent’s retirement.


“Brian informed the board earlier this year that he planned to retire early in 2021,” said Bill Priemer, president and CEO of Hyland and chair of BVU’s Board of Directors. “We are fortunate that Biz has agreed to transition to the role, beginning with her promotion to president. Biz’s experience, proven leadership and commitment to BVU makes her the perfect person to lead our organization. We are thankful that Brian gave us a year’s notice so we may have a smooth transition.”


BVU states that under Broadbent’s leadership, the organization has increased the number of and depth of business memberships, nonprofits served, and volunteers engaged.  BVU grew its consulting offerings from two to eight, launched significant pro bono consulting services, merged with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence in Akron and grown its Volunteer Center usage to 20,000 individuals.  An endowment was developed and has grown significantly.  The organization’s footprint includes nine counties.


“Under Brian’s leadership, BVU performed its mission flawlessly, strengthening the local nonprofit sector while engaging businesses of all sizes in volunteer and community-building activities,” said Priemer. “The board is grateful for his exceptional service. Under any other circumstances, we would have trepidation about a leadership transition, but we could not have found a better successor than Biz. The future for BVU is bright.”


Voudouris has served BVU since it was founded in 1993 and led key areas such as Business Services and Consulting. She has facilitated all of BVU’s strategic plans. Voudouris has provided consulting services to more than 400 nonprofits in Greater Cleveland. In her current role, she is responsible for 40 percent of the organization’s revenues.


About Business Volunteers Unlimited


Strengthening Business Engagement

BVU engages businesses and employers to help address and solve critical community issues that affect the lives of so many. Our powerful platform enables businesses to pursue purpose-driven community engagement, volunteerism and nonprofit board participation, effortlessly, effectively. We help businesses and individuals make a real difference in Northeast Ohio. This leads to greater employee engagement, productivity and retention for business success.


Strengthening Nonprofit Impact

BVU fortifies nonprofits by involving thousands of volunteers from the community, engaging hundreds of business professionals on nonprofit boards, and providing leading-edge board and management consulting and training services. We thoughtfully connect business leaders and nonprofits to foster productive and rewarding leadership and volunteer activities.


Strengthening leadership; strengthening leaders

By engaging businesses, BVU strengthens the leadership and capacity of hundreds of nonprofits in NEO. Business leaders recognize that strategic community involvement builds powerful and enduring relationships in the community, while enhancing teamwork and the leadership skills among their personnel. Stronger business and nonprofit leadership, in turn, brings stronger outcomes for the betterment of the community.


Strengthening our community

The purpose of BVU is to build a strong and vibrant Northeast Ohio community. At our core, we link the diverse knowledge and experiences of business leaders with the needs and opportunities of nonprofits. BVU is the nexus for mutually beneficial success that enriches our community.



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